Memorable moments

Group pictures, 2023

Birthday parties, 2023

Birthday parties, 2022

ENGE 2022

In Jeju, November 6th ~ 9th, 2022.

A basic science presentation for aspiring scientists

In Korea university, August 19th~20th, 2022.

NANO KOREA 2022 Symposium, The 20th International Nanotech Symposium

In KINTEX, July 6th~8th, 2022.

Korean Chemical Society Analytical/Electro chemistry division Summer Symposium 2022

In Gangneung, June 22th~24th, 2022.

129th General Meeting of the Korean Chemical Society, Spring Conference 2022

In Jeju, April 13th~15th, 2022.

Group pictures, 2022

Materials Research Society of Korea, Fall Conference 2021​

In Gyeongju, November 24th~26th, 2021.

Birthday parties, 2021